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Saint Bridget School is an active, strong and caring faith community within the Archdiocese of Hartford.  We are open to students (pre-K through 8th grade) of all faiths and cultures.  The mission of the school is to help each student grow spiritually, academically, and socially. 

Saint Bridget School:  Where students succeed!



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St. Vincent de Paul is one of our Saints of the Month. More about him here: http://t.co/zYs12EljXi via @AmericnCatholic #CatholicSchools
Our Kindergarten class learning about the letter "F"... #CatholicSchools http://t.co/uP407wBSbR
Congratulations Fr Andy for becoming a US citizen: http://t.co/r7K3rHYEfb http://t.co/2hVua8o1ve http://t.co/Bj6PKAodKA #CatholicSchools
First Graders reflecting on this month's saints: http://t.co/r3ZxuIjP1A #CatholicSchools
Meet some of our kindergarteners and our school nurse Mrs Boyle http://t.co/cvUnhZ1AZ4 #CatholicSchools
Nice note from the town of Manchester @ . We are happy to help http://t.co/VjisjpbxLA #CatholicSchools
1st graders wrote a story about a sea creature. Each of them read a book to learn about it & presented to the class: http://t.co/dz9opwfxcG
Our School Newsletter is available: http://t.co/UcwX53GFDk #CatholicSchools
St. Francis Xavier is one of our Saints of the Month: More about him here: http://t.co/KeSd3QmsnN via @loyolapress #CatholicSchools