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Saint Bridget School is an active, strong and caring faith community within the Archdiocese of Hartford.  We are open to students (pre-K through 8th grade) of all faiths and cultures.  The mission of the school is to help each student grow spiritually, academically, and socially. 

Saint Bridget School:  Where students succeed!



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Ready to download: Our Parish Bulletin @stbridgetparish for this wekend: http://t.co/WatVZIcoee
Good reading for the weekend: "The Advantage of Catholic Education" via @CathUnitedFound http://t.co/IR7oBw89pF #CatholicSchools
And thanks also to our altar servers. #CatholicSchools http://t.co/n59Mw8seia
Thanks to Ms Carroll and the 2nd Grade class for their help during our Eucharist. #CatholicSchools http://t.co/bLNKOnnBZj
"Rejoice and be glad... yours is the Kingdom of God" #CatholicSchools http://t.co/WjxMFCtLGO
Teachers and priests getting ready to distribute communion and we sing... "Blest are They" #CatholicSchools http://t.co/nKKPXwB3Rb
We are celebrating the Eucharist. "Until you come again" #CatholicSchools http://t.co/ayuSDtDC7R
Second Graders present the gifts of bread and wine. #CatholicSchools http://t.co/p0Kjtlp6fR
We offer our prayers for the needs of the Church and the world... Loving God, hear our prayer. #CatholicSchools http://t.co/54yrVgHLYV