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Saint Bridget School is an active, strong and caring faith community within the Archdiocese of Hartford.  We are open to students (pre-K through 8th grade) of all faiths and cultures.  The mission of the school is to help each student grow spiritually, academically, and socially. 

Saint Bridget School:  Where students succeed!



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Download our Newsletter here: http://t.co/RDTFroIl4t #CatholicSchools
Have a great week... Question of the week: What would improve your ability to listen to Jesus? #CatholicSchools
Dr Albert now speaks with our kindergarten students.... http://t.co/C2ZNaMsZaH
Thanks Dr Albert.... Second Graders donating tooth brushes to Maac in his honor @macccharities http://t.co/YJeJU59tnh
Second Graders brushing Iggy's teeth. http://t.co/KyHHoQ5f7s
Dr Albert sharing his experience of his Mission Trip to Honduras with Second Graders. http://t.co/BxWThALGvk
Dr Ron Albert, who is with our First Graders, is part of mission trips to Haiti http://t.co/6ZFoxjbKWB http://t.co/9ZYKURe3Mm
Dr Albert spending time with First Graders talking about dental hygiene. http://t.co/k8W5K3UFIu
Don't forget: Food drive this week sponsored by our Student Council to benefit MACC @macccharities http://t.co/9wb7rdqmPX #CatholicSchools
Pre-K 3 Students and Mrs Sullivan ready for March: http://t.co/qNMeZJgKO2 "With God we are worth more than a pot of Gold" #CatholicSchools