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Saint Bridget School is an active, strong and caring faith community within the Archdiocese of Hartford.  We are open to students (pre-K through 8th grade) of all faiths and cultures.  The mission of the school is to help each student grow spiritually, academically, and socially. 

Saint Bridget School:  Where students succeed!



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Our 2 Saints of the Month: Saint Katherine Drexel and Blessed Teresa of Calcutta #CatholicSchools
Our Parish Bulletin @stbridgetparish for this weekend: http://t.co/J8Kvkm9qwN
First Grade preparing for the Solemnity of Pentecost this coming Sunday! (by the way, wear red!) http://t.co/oj7uDrmfQM #CatholicSchools
Learn about Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, one of our Saints of the Month, here: http://t.co/9XaVxjaeLU via @loyolapress #CatholicSchools
7th graders using computers to work on "surface area of 3d figures" with IXL @IXLLearning http://t.co/guUtz6o7HT
Question of the Week: When has the Holy Spirit given you the strength to act with courage? #CatholicSchools
Good Morning... Are you ready for the question of the week? #CatholicSchools
Our Kindergarten class getting in "graduation" mood... http://t.co/AZzjPnyRRi #CatholicSchools
5th Graders doing research with iPads on battles of the revolutionary war http://t.co/r6EFA9QZWM http://t.co/i2DJ8d2qak #CatholicSchools